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Make masterpieces with the Shuffle-Mix Manifold

Your bakery products? They are often genuine masterpieces, built in perfect layers. You cover your cake with buttercream. Or finish your tiramisu with light and airy mascarpone. Done as only a true professional can. 

The manifold add-on from Shuffle-Mix does all this automatically – which means more quickly – and always to the same high standard.

A delight for the tongue, a masterpiece for the eyes

  • The manifold is made from high-quality materials and spreads your (aerated) product in a layer anything between 2 and 20 mm thick. It applies it to your delicious treats as the pass by on a conveyor belt. 
  • It keeps to the desired layer thickness and width at all times. This means your creations have a perfectly balanced mix of flavours and look better than could be imagined! Furthermore, none of your cream or dough is wasted. 
  • It’s not only convenient, it’s also hygienic. The Manifold dismantles in no time and is sparkling clean just as quickly. 

Connect your manifold to your Shufflemixer

You can use your manifold as an independent unit. Alternatively, you can easily connect it to your Shufflemixer 100 or the 250, 500 or 1000. This way, you’ll process your aerated product (sponge-cake mixture, biscuit dough, buttercream, whipped cream, egg white, etc.) without a moment’s delay. 

Are you working with temperature-sensitive products? Then you’ll find that besides the standard manifold, there is also a heated variant with a warm water connection. 

Would you like to introduce the Shuffle-Mix Manifold to your bakery?

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