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For more than 25 years, Shufflemix brings you cheers!


Airy cake? Shuffle-Mix!

(Sponge) cake & Swiss roll

Make the tastiest cream with Shuffle-Mix!

Dairy (fresh) cream

The smoothest icing ever? Choose Shuffle-Mix!


Make the lightest patisserie products, cakes and desserts

Are you a small or industrial bakery? With the Shufflemixer - a continuous aerator - you can make your whipped cream, cake mixes and desserts lighter, airier and faster than ever before.

Choose the Shuffle-Mix solution for your product!

Fill your cakes with goodness

Aerating your product? Automatically injecting ingredients? Cooling your aerated products? Or finishing your tiramisu with a perfect layer of mascarpone?
They’re all vitally important tasks made as easy as pie with the equipment from Shuffle-Mix!

Contact Shufflemix

Would you like to test out our bakery equipment and aerating machines? And find out how they streamline your production process? Fill in your contact details and expect a telephone call from our product experts.

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