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Chiffon cake

The lightest Chiffon cake is made with vegetable oil, eggs, sugar, flour and yeast. And of course with the Shufflemixer!

Chiffon cake

The Egg-white with sugar is aerated with a Shufflemixer. The Egg-Yolk batter mixture is pre-mixed in a pre-mixer and finally injected in the Egg-white foam. The static mixer is gently folding the Egg-white and Egg-yolk together for a high quality batter.

Shufflemixer advantages

  • Continuous production (higher efficiency).
  • Constant high quality.
  • Less manpower.

Watch the Shufflemixers in action!

Chiffon cake

Pre-mixer with Shufflemixer
  • Repeatable product consistency
  • High productivity
  • Less labour

Compare our continuous aerator with your industrial cream mixer or bakery whipping system

Of course you would like to see the Shufflemixer in production first. We are more than happy to give you an extensive demonstration in:

  • Our test kitchen in Barneveld, where you will be able to familiarise yourself with our accessories and all the extra units available; 
  • In your own work environment where you will immediately recognise what a difference a professional continuous aeration machine can make for you. 

Would you like to compare the Shufflemixer continuous aerator with your current bakery mixer or whipping system?

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