A Dry ingredient mixer for nuts, frozen fruit, chocolate chips and more

Have you aerated your product with the Shufflemixer 100, or with the 250, 500 of 1000? And would you like to mix in dry ingredients? From nuts to chocolate chips or frozen fruit, it’s all possible. Especially since the Shuffle-Mix Dry Ingredients Mixer allows you to maintain the texture and quality of your whipped cream, dough or other mixture. 

Your light and airy structure remains the same 

The dry ingredients mixer is designed for continuous production. You fill the machine with dry extras. The mixer then mixes everything:

  • into a homogenous mass;
  • keeping the light and airy structure;
  • without crystallisation.

The Dry ingredient mixer is extremely hygienic. You can quickly dismantle it and clean the parts in a dishwasher. 

Would you like to try the Shuffle-Mix Dry Ingredient Mixer? Or one of the other extra units from Shuffle-Mix? Contact us now!

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